Urfa Blocks

In 2010 ARAR drilled the Bag-1 well in South East Turkey, which found oil in Mardin carbonates.

Whereas previous operators were unable to commercially produce oil from this reservoir, ARAR succeeded and subsequently started to develop the field.

Initially slowed down by resource constraints that are typical of a small private operator, ARAR saw exponential growth from 2015. Our immediate focus is to further increase production levels, by drilling additional development wells and to bring the satellite reservoirs onstream. When the field’s depletion production phase has peaked the company will look to enhance recovery through water injection, water shut-off and other IOR/EOR techniques.

Modular Surface Facilities have been built for water handling, storage and export of produced crude, in addition to the wellsite facilities. Intra-field roads, pipeline and power infrastructure amount to several tens of kilometres and there is space for rapid further expansion when required.