ARAR is the leading independent producer in Turkey with a portfolio of 20+ licences across the country.

We produce crude oil in our licences in South East Turkey. We furthermore are test-producing gas from several successful discovery wells in our Eastern Mediterranean licences, with the aim to declare their commerciality and to develop these reservoirs upon award of production licences.

Besides these assets, ARAR also has exploration licences in Trakya, Konya, Adana/Tarsus, Hatay, Urfa, Hakkari and Fethiye.

ARAR is an vertically integrated exploration and production company

Total licence acreage is 2.8 million acres

ARAR owns significant internal capability to assist in its exploration and production activities. These are structured into three subsidiary companies:

  • RR Drilling
  • RR Seismic
  • RR Transport – This company operates a fleet of tanker trucks responsible for the transportation of ARAR produced oil, as well as several other heavy duty vehicles

In all its operations ARAR adheres to its strict HSE policies.