ARAR Services
  • Turkish oilfield services market is small. Local, high ­quality independent service providers are scarce
  • International service companies do operate in Turkey, but they are costly and slow ­to ­market
  • ARAR has its own drilling and workover rigs, MLU cementing units, seismic crew and various auxiliary equipment
  • Being vertically integrated provides great flexibility, operational agility and cost efficiency to ARAR
  • Drilling and seismic services are also offered to 3rd parties, creating additional revenue
  • Operating since 2002 in the region at various basins internally and on behalf of other operators enabled ARAR’s Service operations to gain significant local and international operational expertise whilst creating valuable synergies across ARAR Group companies
Drilling & Seismic Service Reference Projects
  • Seismic:FNC, Borusan, (Socar) Star Rafinery, Atli Mak., Türkiye Komur Isletmeleri, Sanko Enerji, Karkey, AME, Maren, Perenco, TransAtlantic Petroleum, Tiway, Amity Oil, 3S Kale, Terralliance, Kayen Enerji, Fina, Summa, Soyak Enerji, Enter Enerji
  • As Operator:Amity Oil, TPAO, Omax International, Euroka Energy
  • As Drilling Contractor:Gulf Keystone, Hunt Oil, CG USA, Bayou City TX, USAID, PEMI, Perenco Holding TR, TPAO, OMV, JKX, TransAtlantic Petroleum